10 - getting our prayers answered

Psalm 28 :
6. Oh, praise the Lord, for he has listened to my pleadings!

All through the Psalms, we are given examples of people whom God has helped.
Check out these verses:

Psalm 66 :
17. For I cried to him for help, with praises ready on my tongue.
18. He would not have listened if I had not confessed my sins.
19. But he listened! He heard my prayer! He paid attention to it!
20. Blessed be God who didn't turn away when I was praying,
and didn't refuse me his kindness and love.

In Psalm 66, the writer gives us a sort of formula for getting our prayers answered:
v17 begin my prayer with praise! In other words, count my blessings!
v18 confess my sins! Don't pretend you do everything right. Tell Him where you have fallen short of His standards.
v19 speak your prayer! Nobody can hear if you don't speak. So speak your prayer, don't just think to God!
v20 don't just pray once: continue praying! He says that God didn't turn away when he was praying. That tells us he didn't stop after praying the first or second time: he continued praying.

What was the result?

Because he began with praise, he kept on being joyful all day even though things were bad.

Because he confessed his sins, his burdens were light all day.
Because he spoke his prayer, he got the matter off his chest and that further lightened him.

Because he kept on praying, he received the kindness and love of the Lord without measure.

Father, today help me to pray like the Psalmist did, so I can receive the results he did,
in Jesus' name,

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Until then, trust in the Lord with your whole being
and be blessed in all you do today!