18 - Where to go for help

Matthew 8:
14 Jesus went to the home of Peter, where he found that Peter's mother-in-law was sick in bed with fever.
15 He took her by the hand, and the fever left her. Then she got up and served Jesus a meal.
16 That evening many people with demons in them were brought to Jesus. And with only a word he forced out the evil spirits and healed everyone who was sick.
17 So God's promise came true, just as the prophet Isaiah had said, "He healed our diseases and made us well."
(Contemporary English Version)

The public ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ lasted approximately three years, from the time He was baptised in the Jordan River at age 30, to the time He was crucified and came back from the dead at age 33.
During those three years He divided His time into three main activities:
He taught and preached the good news;
He forced out demons and evil spirits;
He healed those who were sick.

Today, we also need the Lord Jesus to help us in these same areas of life, because the needs of human beings are the same now as they were when He ministered in the earth.

Do you need some good news in your life today?
Then it would really do you good to read about what Jesus said and did in the Gospel of John, because it's all good news.

Are you troubled by an evil spirit which is blighting some area of your life? Or are you troubled by bad luck in some area?
The first thing you need to do is ask the Lord Jesus to help you, and to bring you to the place of victory where that evil spirit no longer wants to blight your life any more, because you are now full of Jesus.

Do you have a physical problem which is causing dis-ease in your body?
The Lord Jesus is available to help you in this area also.
Talk to Him about your problem today. He is the One who created your body. Ask Him to heal you.

When you talk to Him, you don't need to use "holy" language. Speak as you would to a friend. Invite Him into your life, because He loves you and wants all that is best for you.

Lord Jesus Christ, today I invite You into my heart and life.
Forgive my sins. Make me clean inside and out, so that You can be comfortable with me.
I understand that You were killed on the cross in my place and that You came back alive from death so that I could be made right with God.
I believe this from the depth of my being.
Make the changes You need to make in me, so that I can live the life of victory that You have promised.
I submit my life to You, Lord Jesus,

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See you tomorrow, God willing,
for another meditation on God's Word!
Be blessed as you pursue Him today!


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